Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving Turquoise

I've taken this time worn tin and gave it new vibrancy by turning it into this turquoise welcome sign.

WELCOME Sign made with Antique Ceiling Tin Tile / Architectural Salvage Home Decor

I *love* turquoise in natural hues or as a bright accent.  This beaded chandelier may as well be a gorgeous piece of jewelry.  It makes the room!


While this toned down earthy version feels relaxing & calm.

I love how this large bit of color not only works as a focal point, but it also makes the variety of colors & patterns that are going on in the room (closet...can you imagine?!) somehow work.  

How about these tall turquoise curtains in this eclectic room?

And finally, a room all its own in all its turquoise glory.  


{Photos Credits}
2-6 from Elle Decor

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