Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bedazzling My Walls

Okay, not exactly "bedazzling", but I am looking to give my walls a little pick me up.  My style has been shifting a bit and wall hangings are an easy way to morph my old & new styles.  

Breathe. Hand Embroidery in 4 inch Hoop. Yellow. Miniature Fiber Art Sign. Handmade by merriweathercouncil on Etsy

I've been scanning Etsy for a few pieces and am overwhelmed with the wonderful choices.

You Are My World Letterpress Print (with smaller type), Black

I love the detail of these letterpress prints.

Famous Bicycle Built for Two in Teal

And letterpress cards are a perfect way to fill a small frame.

we go together like sunglasses and stevie wonder. letterpress card

Hope you enJOY!

For sources, please click on the pictures above. 


Letterpress said...

Thank you ever so much for including our tandem bicycle letterpress card. What an honor!

Faith said...

Those letterpress cards are beautiful. I especially love the bicycle one! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!