Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's shed a little light on the subject...

I've been on a hunt this week for modern lamps so this post fit the bill.  

You never realize how difficult it is to find a lamp that looks just right until you need one.  Ugh.  

While I was initially drawn to the these picture for their beauty of all things eclectic, I couldn't help but notice all the fabulous lamps.  Talk about a statement piece... 



Hope you enJOY!

Photo Credits:
Apartment Therapy

Monday, July 19, 2010

Guess what...

There's a giveaway over at

 I am a huge fan of this blog and if you haven't become a follower, you should.  Great tips and inspiration that is do die for.

We'll, to celebrate her 100th post, the Urban Farmgirl has decided to give away a $50 gift certificate to White Flower Farmhouse. 

I hadn't checked out this store before, but was instantly hooked.  Head on over to Urban Farmgirl to register for the giveaway...I'll see you there!

All photos are from the White Flower Farmhouse.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Repurposed Organization For Your Craft Room

glass jars of supplies

I still have the organizing bug.  I've even passed up garage sales {gasp} the last few weekends because I feel overcrowded at home.  I feel like I have too many unfinished projects & too many things I "plan" to, I need to a little organizing.   Notice I didn't say spring cleaning... I do have plans & uses for those items :)

Repurposed Beauties
Bonne Maman vintage craft storage by saganaga.

I guess that is just how my creativity works.  I continually clean my studio / craft room....then destroy it during the creative process...picture ribbons and vintage buttons flying as I madly create...then, I clean it.  


I like to start with a clean slate...hard to be inspired by my goodies if I can't see them!

paint storage

Take a look at these fun & in expensive ways to organize your treasures using things from around your house:


You know those expensive craft organization units...
well, this is a shoe cubby...

White shoe rack with cubbies filled with crafts supplies


Layers baby!
Milk glass vases, drink caddy, sugar bowl & vintage tray

Blue tray holds crafts supplies (scissors, pens, etc.) in milk glass


Can anyone say "IKEA"?!
Not sure these are actually from Ikea, but you could probably pick up something very similar from your cabinet (or Ikea)...too cute!

White glasses with markers, pens, scissors


Too hot to bake?  Use your baking rack to store stationary.  Use clothespins to clip artwork, notes...oh the possibilities...

pencil buckets and hanging cards


I don't have a cricket machine or any of the fancy gadgets, but what  a great way to store & organize all those pieces!

rollidex of punchers


A wall louver...
yep,  you heard me...

wall louver - before

It looks like it was made to store stamps!  I would, of course, paint it, but it is cute none the less.

wall louver - after


Last, but not least...a mug tree

mug tree - after

Hope you enJOYed these bits of inspiration!  

{Photo Credits}
Better Homes

Friday, July 9, 2010

Craft Room Pt 2: Organization

I gushed over the back splash in this craft room...

Full shot of craft room with violet and lime striped chairs and checkerboard flooring

and am thinking about using this in my studio & garage (aka other studio)...

Check out this one in blue.... 


How could I resist my favorite it's framed...

are those shelves & baskets?? 


Pegboard filled with crafts supplies

A mini version would work well in tight areas....

But, picture three of them side by side like artwork...

~ Love it ~

bored of tools

Now for some more creative organization ideas...


Love the Pom Pom trim on the shelf

& the glass jars!

Business cards


Check out the straw dispenser!  

Store pencils, paint brushes, and of course...straws.

How cute would this be in a kitchen next to your message area???

Yellow boxes hang from a pegboard; glass cylinder container holds pencils.


Gushing a bit over that tiered stand oozing with ribbons...

but how cute is that unexpected vintage lunch box for storage!

Gift Wrapping Table with bow tree

See, organizing can be fun!  enJOY!

Any more tips?  Please share!

Photos: Better Homes & Gardens