Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy Favorites

60's industrial shop chair

If you haven't stopped by my blog or made the virtual trip to Etsy, I'll give you the low down and show you some of my personal favorites.

Numbered cloth napkin set of eight

Etsy is the best place to shop & sell.  They only allow handmade, vintage or supplies to be sold.  This is huge for an artist or crafter.  I tried selling on Ebay for awhile and it just wasn't the right fit for my handmade goods.  It was filled with too many mass manufactured products of low quality and it felt more like a garage sale than a boutique or gallery.  

MOBILE / multi color pom pom
Etsy is a community of sellers and buyers that get each other.  The sellers are your peers and that is such an encouraging environment to work in.

The clients are amazing.  Seriously, each one is a dear and they appreciate the work that goes into creating handmade items.  Simply put, it is where I host my shop and it is also where I shop.  I'll warn you though, its addicting.

Bloom Earrings. Mint Green Flowers



Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You are such a dear. Thank you for the little feature, and for linking up some other favorites of yours... I'm going to go check them out right now, since my man is watching baseball by my side! :)


Dreamy Vintage said...

Beautiful blog and post! Thank you very much for featuring my earrings :)

I also do a lot o my shopping and Etsy and I love it!

PIXbyemily said...

great post about etsy...it really is a unique community of artists. i am diggin' those No. napkins. might have to score me some of those!