Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lost my marbles + an Etsy Update

I was working on a custom set of marble magnets to compliment one of my Antique Ceiling Tin Memo Boards for a wedding when I lost my marbles.

I've desperately needed to stock up my Etsy store and I love to offer marble magnets to compliment my memo boards.  So, I thought, I'm already making a few sets for this wedding, why not add a few more.

Well, these critters multiplied and I ended making well over 200.  Maybe even 300.

 Yep, lost my marbles.  

I would compare it to knitting (though I must admit I've never knitted).  From what people have told me, it's not complicated, just time consuming.  But, you get in a rhythm and before you know it you have a scarf.   Or, in my case 200-300 marbles.

I've added several sets to my Etsy shop, but need a break before I add the rest :|


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