Monday, September 6, 2010

Marble Magnets Tutorial + an Etsy Update

If you haven't made Marble Magnets before, they are way simpler than you may think.  

The materials you need:
craft punch
glass marbles
scrapbook paper
scrapbook glue (Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents)
Rare Earth Magnets
Super Glue


1. First, I prefer to wash my marbles because they sometimes have a coat of dust.

2. Use a paper punch that is about the size of your marbles and punch the scrapbook paper.  

(Sorry, I don't have photos for most of these steps) 

3. Place 1 drop of your scrapbook glue on the paper circles that you punched out.

4. Place a (dry) marble on the paper & push down to work out any air bubbles.

5. I add an extra step of trimming loose paper ends from around the marble.  A little time consuming, but they look much more finished.

6. Place 1 drop of super glue on each magnet.   
 I prefer the rare earth magnets because nothing bugs me more than a magnet that falls every time I try to hang something up.  What's the purpose of a magnet that won't stick?

7. Take your completed glass marble w/ paper from step 4 & press it firmly on the magnet.

8.  Let dry and you're done!

Here are a few coming soon to my etsy shop:


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PIXbyemily said...

love the white numbers on that coral red background. might have to buy me some of them!