Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dressing For Less

I love playing with the Polyvore site!  It's like shopping without a budget.  I've created a few outfits here and there to give you all an idea of my personal tastes & style.  

I was surprised at how much fun it was.  Then I was surprised that I was surprised.  Did I loose you yet?  What I mean is that fashion is a creative expression of who we are and being that I'm a creative person, why was I surprised that I enjoyed this creative outlet? I've grown into my style (and age, ahem), I've come to realize that I shouldn't just purchase some random shirt because it's a bargain.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE a bargain, but I should also LOVE the shirt.  Get it?  Okay, I digress.  

So, the other day I created an outfit on Polyvore & posted it on my blog.  Normally the enjoyment and the process ends there.  However, I happened to go shopping shortly after creating the online outfit and happened to stroll by the coat on the left.  
Dressing For Less

So cute!  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  It has an adorable ruffled collar which counteracts the biker feel and I just fell in love.  I thought, I'll just check it obligations.  Then I saw that it was on sale for $40.  I was hooked!  A coat I loved and a bargain?!  Who could argue that combination?  

All of a sudden, the Polyvore site took on a whole new light.  Sometimes, it's overwhelming to shop and pull together multiple pieces for an outfit.  Typically when I shop, I find a pair of shoes on one outing, a pair of jeans on another outing and so on.  Then I try to pull together pieces later at home.  Sometimes they work and sometimes I find out that I need to purchase an additional item to complete the outfit.  With Polyvore, I can create an outfit (at least something similar) and then have a goal in mind when shopping. Can you tell I'm a task oriented person?  

Breaking it down, the faux leather jacket I bought was $40.  It is a soft leather that could compete with the texture of an older real leather jacket that I own.  The inspiration jacket is made by JCrew and is real leather, but the price tag is also real...$595.  

Dressing For Less

Something about Fall makes me want to toss the flip flops & make-up-less days and be a little fussy.  In a good way.



Sew-Over-It said...

Love this, I always love a good bargain when it is exactly what your looking for! You have a beautiful sense of style. :) I've never heard of Polyvore till now, very cool... I'll have to do some dream shopping of my own there.

PIXbyemily said...

SCORE! I too have 'matured' in my shopping and I no longer buy it because it is a -great deal- i find myself looking more for quality and something that makes me feel like ME when i am wearing it. love this idea of shopping with a purpose, why not right?