Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need. Blog. Help.

Blogging is a new pastime of mine and I'm learning as I go.  I have met so many wonderful people through my Etsy Store, JoyFrameworks, and this blog has given me another opportunity to further those relationships & make new ones too!  As an added bonus, it has also turned out to be another creative outlet for me.  I relate it to being an online hostess.  Planning the ambiance, providing conversations starters and making people feel welcome.  I'm really loving it.

Create a small-space home office with a beaten brass and copper desk with deep drawers for easy storage. Tuck work things away, and it becomes an elegant console table or a bar for entertaining. Glossy, bold accessories—such as this adjustable lamp, red wall sconce, and acrylic Mr. Impossible designer chair by Philippe Starck— make this both a functioning workstation as well as a statement-maker.

Well, now to my real reason for this post.  I need blog help :(  I started out this morning with a plan to google the answer and then thought why not just ask all you wonderful bloggers.  

Over the desk

So my question is in regards both to etiquette and the actual process.  

1. Do you reply to comments left on your blog?    Does it cross a privacy safety net to reply?  Is it rude not to?

2. How do you reply to comments on your blog?  Really... in layman's terms, please.  Do they need to be public or is their a private response option?

Your generous help is sincerely appreciated!  

I chuckle inside because I've probably only received a couple comments, but those meant the world to me!   I'm also hopeful that I have a slew of invisible readers that are just waiting to test the waters.

glass jars

EnJOY your day!

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DESIGNEDbyemily said...

i love the photos you choose...maybe because i appreciate photography...maybe because the styles you post are so refreshingly NOT my house. your blog is the perfect escape, a wonderful blend of eye pleasing design with kind, honest narration.

Anonymous said...

I always answer the comments left on my blog...mostly because I love when people respond to my comments on their blogs. Does that make sense?! And I reply the same way I would if we were having a conversation. It's fun and I've made some new blogging friends this way! Love your blog and keep having fun!!

Joy Frameworks said...

Thanks Farmers Trophy Wife! Sorry to sound blog illiterate, but do you typically reply like this in the comment section or directly to the person?

& Thank you Designed by Emily ~ your words are always so encouraging!

LindseyRockers said...

i am new to blogging too, but i definitely respond to the comments left on my blog by commenting back... it helps to form blogging relationships and i know that i love it when people take the time to respond to my comments. it might be harder to do later though, if you start receiving tons of comments all the time

funny because that is how i ended up here and found your blog this very minute.

which by the way i like a lot.. .and i am so glad that you liked mine too! i hope you'll come back to see the finished room and follow along if you like what you see....

i'm following you now :)