Monday, May 17, 2010

Decorating Doppelganger

Sometimes I look at these images and think, "wow, they get me".  

Image: Apartment Therapy

I know stuff is trivial and decorating is frivolous, but there are some rooms that make me sigh.  Literally...sigh, drop my shoulders and relax. 

(Image: Michael Graydon / Style at Home)

A room filled with colors you love, textures that make you feel cozy, architecture that screams history, items that spark a memory...

I look at these and think...that's me. 
Not the girl in the actual picture :)
desk area

I feel comfortable, at ease...
Walk-in Wonder Closet
Photo: Cottage Living

like myself.

So the question to ponder...

 What is your decorating doppelganger?

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farmerstrophywife said...

Is it wrong that I feel this way in Pottery Barn?!