Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new addition to the Joy Frameworks product line...

I'm so excited to finally add the "Enormous" Ceiling Tin Memo Boards to my Etsy shop! Yahoo! I've had many requests, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Well, after a recent custom order and my own personal memo board dilemma I couldn't wait any longer.  

The board in my pantry, aka home school central, just didn't fit the space. I needed something wider than my normal 2ft x 2ft boards.  

This "dilemma" was plaquing me right around the same time that I began working on a custom over-sized memo board for a client. 

Well, the rest is history. I just fell in love with these Enormous boards and can't wait to make more (for myself & others)! I have one "made to order" Enormous board currently listed in my Etsy shop & will definitely be adding more down the road.

But it also got me thinking...yes, my mind never's a blessing and a curse. Anyhow, this new 4' x 2' size would just look adorable above a couch or as a headboard.

I LOVE things that can be re-purposed because life is constantly changing and our "things", ahem "darlings" should too.
So, I'll leave you with a few ideas of ways to repurpose my Enormous Ceiling Tin Memo Boards

Photo: Apartment Thereapy

Photo: BHG, via Silk Felt Soil

Photo: Kyle Schuneman's Website

Now, take it a step further:

Photo Kyle Schuneman's Website

LOVE it!

Hope you enjoyed these bits of eye candy. Have a wonderful & blessed day!

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