Thursday, August 5, 2010

The place to be... Etsy

I love Etsy!  This site is jam packed with wonderful and unique goodies!

Vintage Gardening Book Bundle No. 3

Plus, the Etsy community has been so wonderful to me and so supportive of my shop.
HUGE Antique Ceiling Tin Tile 8x10 Picture Frame LARGE 24x24 2ft // Ready to Ship //  SMALL AND MIGHTY Magnetic Inspiration Memo Board / Picture Frame / Made With Antique Ceiling Tin // READY TO SHIP //  ENORMOUS Architectural Salvage Magnetic Memo Board from Antique Ceiling Tin  4ftx2ft (Custom Colors Available)

Not to mention the photography on this site.  Talk about eye candy!

Vintage Mid Century Child Chair

If you haven't checked it must!   

doily coasters

 Plus, there's something nice about buying handmade items.  Besides the obvious quality, it's nice to know you are literally supporting a person's creative passion and contributing directly to their monetary needs.  A smaller circle feels good.


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