Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Goals Accomplished ???

Well, I did love on my family, but I always feel like there's more to give.  It's so easy to be selfish so a daily (um, hourly) reminder of my purpose in this world is always needed.  

I did make the jam, yahoo!  1 flat of strawberries + a lot of sugar (ugh) + over-priced pectin = 20 one pint jars of jelly.  Yum!  It seriously pains me to add all that sugar.  I try hard to limit my kids sugar intake unless it comes from a fruit.  But, I tried a sugar-free jam last year and it sat in the freezer.  I enjoy the jam process, the freshness of the ingredients and the assurance that I know what my food is made of, but I'm also very frugal and this needs to be cost effective.  Sugar-free jars of jelly left unused in the freezer do not count as being cost effective.  So, sugar it is.  

With the help of my sweetie, the raised bed garden is built & planted.  Love it!  I did the planning and planting, but my husband spent hours cutting the cedar boards and constructing the box.  Knowing how particular I am, he spent extra time making sure it was just right.  Love him.

I did not make any welcome signs. Sigh.  Try as I might, it is hard to get my work completed on the weekends.  It is pure chaos around here.  So, I've moved that on to this week's goal list.  But, I did get a batch of Hook Racks created.  They are perfect for jewelry, towels, keys, etc..  Visit my etsy shop (sidebar) to purchase.

Here's to lists!


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PIXbyemily said...

i made jam for Christmas presents one year...DELISH! i too love knowing what exactly what we are eating. we recently cut jam/jelly from our pb&j's and smashed up organic berries instead. the boys had fun mushing 'em up and it was still really tasty. i've started making enough for about a week at a time and keeping in a jar in the fridge. if you want less sugar, give it a try.