Monday, June 21, 2010

Playing House

For me, Blogging is a like playing house....but without the people.  Nothing wrong with people (love them!)...just easier to decorate without them. I'll insert people after the decorating is done :)

Charming California cottage

  Just me, my imagination, a limitless amount of decor items and the ability to change them on a whim. 

Stylish, kid-friendly living room
(fyi, not me...but love the room!)

As I browse the photos for inspiration, I can't help but think of flipping through a thick JCPenny's catalog when I was 7.  I used to pretend I had a budget and had to take my family back to school shopping.   

ALL YOU CAN KNIT AND CROCHET FOR BABIES - Golden Hands Special - Vintage 70s Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Something about the process was fun to me.

Now, I flip through design photos knowing that I'm not going to redecorate with every new color I fall in love with....but there is something fun about the process.

So, here's a few more for the road...

office: after
* love the entire office*

used bright glass subway tiles to function as backsplashes
* have I mentioned I love color...those tiles are tempting me*

Green armoire and aqua ottoman
* a little color, a little vintage, a little funk...perfect *

Sleeping Porch
*excuse me, can I live here?*


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DESIGNEDbyemily said...

love the color, vintage, funk picture. i want to live there.